Grain Free Snacks

with more than just good taste

no dairy - no grains - no corn - no soy

plant based Paleo

SCD (Specific Carb Diet) friendly

At Bliss we care about healthy living.

Our mission is to provide nutrient rich snacks that taste terrific and help support good health.

So delectable, you may not even notice our products are free of grains, dairy, corn, soy, yeast, eggs and refined sugar!

We use almonds, coconut oil, coconut (no added sulphites), hemp hearts and chia, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Most of our ingredients are certified organic and our chocolate is fair trade and a Canadian owned co-op.

Our best selling product is the Honey Almond Brunch Bite, available in Original flavour, Dark Chocolate Chip, our NEW Carob and a rotating feature flavour.

Paleo plant based and SCD (Specific Carb Diet) oriented. Watch for our new products including Almond Brunch Bar Baking mix coming soon

Our products can be found in retail stores in and around London Ontario Canada and can be shipped across S/W Ontario, right to your door. 

The standard gluten free diet is often filled with starches, fillers, refined sugars and gums. You won't find any of that in our treats! 

Nutrition does not have to be compromised for good taste.

Our motto is "more than just good taste"!

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Our Best Seller

Honey Almond Brunch Bites are available in Original flavour, Dark Chocolate and rotating feature flavours.

Dairy Free Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

Canadian Coop owned

Each Honey Almond Brunch Bite contains 10 ground almonds!

4g organic coconut oil + 7g net carbs + 3-4g protein +Himalayan salt + real vanilla + presoaked and dry roasted organic sunflower and pumpkin seeds ******* 150 calories *******

Macaroons made with organic coconut oil!

Available in Vanilla, dark chocolate and a rotating feature flavour.


I am so grateful that Bliss Specialty Foods makes wonderful things like 'Honey Almond Brunch Bites'. As someone who is Celiac, and has to be careful about what I eat, it makes me happy to know that the makers of these special treats are leading the way with responsible products. I have introduced many people to them, and everyone feels as I do that they are fantastic- and addictive. More please!

Cynthia Dale

Bliss products are soooo delicious AND good for you!! It feels like you are cheating on your healthy diet but you are actually eating good food. Thats huge!! Bliss bars and the occasional Easter chocolate treat are our favs! We love that this company is local. Thumbs up!

Justin Plet

Bliss is a saviour for those of us who are trying to do gluten free in a natural healthy way rather than a highly processed way. Gluten free isn't always synonymous with healthy..Bliss ensures that your choices are natural AND healthy.

Vanessa Case