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Honey Almond Brunch Bites ~ Mixed 4 packs + feature flavour

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With this box you get an assortment of sizes of the Chocolate and Original flavours along with our latest feature flavour! 

3 each Chocolate 4 pk + 3 each Original 4 pk + 6 Feature flavoured * 30 total

Low temperature baked to just the right golden brown and packed with roasted organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Original flavour and Dark Chocolate. (Dairy free, Fair Trade organic chocolate from Co-op owned Camino.)

In each 26g serving (30 per box):

  • 10 ground almonds
  • 4g organic coconut oil
  • 3g protein
  • 8g carbs (6g net)

We do NOT use the following:

  • grains and gluten
  • dairy
  • corn
  • soy
  • egg
  • yeast
  • refined sugars
  • starches and gums

Ingredients: almond flour, coconut oil*, honey (raw), sunflower seeds*, coconut (no sulphites)*, Thompson raisins*, pumpkin seeds*, salt (Himalayan or French Grey) and baking soda (alum. free).    *organic